HU Market

Our HU Market offers a wide variety of customizable hospice sales and marketing collaterals as well as teaching tools and other items to assist your hospice marketing team! You can easily preview, customize and order print items from the HU Market. Scroll down to view items available to order.

Customizable Brochures

Hospice University's customizable brochures use current statistics, market research and contemporary design style to empower your liaisons to educate, build market opportunities and increase referrals. The series of brochures and rack cards includes:

1. What is my Role? The Attending Physician and Hospice
2. Why Should I Refer Earlier?
3. The End-Stage Liver Disease Patient
4. The End-Stage Pulmonary Patient
5. The End-Stage Oncology Patient
6. The End-Stage Alzheimer’s and Dementia Patient
7. When is Hospice the Better Choice? Compare the Care: Hospice & Home Health
8. Hospice and Long-Term Care
9. Hospice and Assisted Living Communities
10. What is the Hospice Medicare Benefit?
11. The End-Stage Patient
12. The End-Stage Cardiac Patient
13. Hospice Care in Your Assisted Living Facility
14. Hospice in Your Long-Term Care Facility
15. How Can Hospice Help with Expenses?
16. The End-Stage Renal Disease Patient
17. The Adult Failure-to-Thrive Patient
18. The End-Stage Neurology Patient

Looking for the flexibility to fit your brand?

By purchasing the full intellectual rights to our brochures and rack cards, your hospice can customize our standard collateral materials with your own photos, style and branded features. Please contact us to learn about purchasing the full intellectual rights to our brochures.

If purchasing the intellectual rights, your  hospice program will have access to the InDesign files for full branding purposes and permission to use or change our text if you wish. You must provide your own images/photographs and fonts. If your hospice does not have access to the InDesign program, HU can provide graphic design services for a nominal fee. Contact us for details.

Printing Options to Fit Your Needs

Save your program time and money by using our professionally designed and printed brochures and rack cards. Each brochure has a panel that your hospice can customize with your own content and logo.


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Marketing Tools

Facilitator Guides

HU's Facilitator Guides simplify your preparation and implementation of our Video Classes. Each guide includes a description of the class, a suggested liaison meeting agenda, recommendations for the facilitator, worksheets, role play feedback forms, and video handouts.

Facilitator Guides are included in annual memberships; monthly members may purchase the guides in PDF format for $29 each.

Please click here to download a sample of one of our facilitator guides (PDF).

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Which Guides do you need?

Customer Profiling Folders and Tracking Form


HU's Profiling Folders allow hospice marketing professionals to simplify their customer profiling process. We've created a fill-in-the-blank profile for each of the four customer groups - Physicians, Nursing Homes, Hospitals and Assisted Living Communities.

Hospice University's Tracking Form fits perfectly inside our Customer Profiling Folders. Each form allows hospice sales people to efficiently track contacts with customers and follow-up needed.

4 Profiling Folders and Tracking Form
(Electronic Only)

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