Custom Hospice Brochures

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Hospice University’s customizable brochures use current statistics, market research and contemporary design style to empower your liaisons to educate, build market opportunities and increase referrals. Each brochure has a panel that your hospice can customize with your own content and logo.

Save your program time and money by using our professionally designed and printed brochures and rack cards. Click here for pricing.

Custom Hospice Brochures

 If you would like to see text from a specific brochure, please contact us.

View these brochures now:
What is My Role? The Attending Physician and Hospice
Why Should I Refer Earlier?
Compare the Care: Home Health and Hospice
How Can Hospice Help with Expenses?
The End-Stage Patient (General Hospice)
The End-Stage Neurology Patient
The End-Stage Cardiac Patient
The End-Stage Renal Disease Patient
The End-Stage Liver Disease Patient
The End-Stage Pulmonary Patient
The End-Stage Alzheimer's and Dementia Patient
What is the Hospice Medicare Benefit?
Hospice and Long-Term Care
Hospice in Your Long-Term Care Facility (Rack Card)
Hospice and Assisted Living Communities
Hospice Care in Your Assisted Living Community (Rack Card)
The Failure-to-Thrive Patient (as a secondary diagnosis)

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