This is the first educational conference whereby I was anxious to return to class each day. Both instructors were outstanding and keep you totally engaged. I learned something new each day and have take-aways to implement at my hospice site. Great!

Lin, Optum Palliative and Hospice Care

I really loved this training. I learned so much. Can't wait to go back and incorporate the ideas! Thank you!!

Laina, Hospice of Marshall County, AL

Overall very informative & great personalities. A lot of new
ideas - GOOD JOB!

HU Marketing Conference Attendee

Hospice University’s faculty gave our team invaluable advice and sales training. I would highly recommend them.

Jean S., Cincinnati, OH

Phenomenal! His knowledge and energy needs to be bottled up and sold. Incredible teacher.

Conference Attendee

Highly informative, easy to follow real life examples for overcoming objections. Excellent. Can't wait to share the techniques with staff.

Admissions Conference Attendee

Excellent class, well organized and highly informative! Instructor not only taught the course, but has motivated me to make significant changes.

Marketing Conference Attendee

I wish we’d had training like this years ago for our liaisons. They’ve grown more confident and really know how to ask for referrals the right way now.

John, Sacramento, CA

Unbelievable knowledge base! Best Medicare explanation I have EVER heard! I finally feel equipped after 15 years of marketing!

Sue, Carolina East Home Care & Hospice

Thank you for such valuable material. This has been a great class.

HU Marketing Conference Attendee

Examples were very useful - plan to utilize and report all ideas to leadership. Loved the expert knowledge & real life stories.

HU Marketing Conference Attendee

Thank you for the concrete ideas. Excellent program.

HU Nonprofit Leadership Conference Attendee

Excellent training related to my job as admission nurse. Definitely will take the info received today and apply to my work. Thank you!

Nonprofit Admissions Conference Attendee

This training was so informative for me. The content covered was great.

Nonprofit Intake Conference Attendee

Thank you for the complimentary webinar on growing our hospice!  The information was very practical and helpful, and Judy did a great job of presenting the material.  I look forward to attending more classes.

John, Houston, TX

Frank and Judy are so real and easy to follow. I want to have every staff member at my organization attend this training! Excellent doesn't even cover their skill set!

Kim, Nashville Marketing Conference Attendee

Wonderful!!! Informative and entertaining - thank you so much! I'd love to take you out on calls with me.

Carrie, HU Marketing Conference Attendee

We saved countless hours by using Hospice University’s customizable brochures. Our program is so small that we don’t have the manpower to create such beautiful, professional literature.

Kathy L., TX

This course was truly eye opening, and as a complete newbie to marketing, Frank provided awesome information that I will definitely utilize.

Marketing Conference Attendee

I enjoyed that Frank approached a very complicated and sensitive topic with humor and intense knowledge. As a brand new liaison, this training was extremely timely and appropriate.

Marketing Conference Attendee

This helped me understand our patients and how they are dealing and reacting to our services. So helpful!

Brenda, Admissions Conference Attendee