About Hospice University

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Over 100 years of hospice marketing and sales experience and knowledge come together at your fingertips. Hospice University... where hospice marketing and sales is simplified.

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Hospice University faculty know your opportunities and challenges. We have been there as liaisons calling on customers; managers of sales, admissions, and marketing teams; customer service advocates; admission nurses; Executive Directors, VP’s of sales/marketing and admissions and VP’s of business, market, and product development.

Our knowledge is sound and we have been and still are active in hospice marketing and sales. We’ve successfully hired, trained and coached over 3,000 liaisons.

Our video training modules include role-plays, which represent real life - the good, the bad and the ugly!

We have worked with local and national hospices, both non-profit and for profit ranging in size from a census of 0 (new start) to over 14,000.

Hospice University faculty members have experiences in a variety of markets: rural, suburban, and city. Competition among hospice providers has become fierce and we train and develop programs, which allow you to position your hospice to thrive in this competitive environment.

The services offered by Hospice University include but are not limited to:

  • Interactive sales training modules
  • Sales training on and off site
  • Regional conferences
  • Webinars: planned and customized
  • Customizable marketing brochures
  • Industry marketing trends (articles and blogs)
  • Peer to peer; Peer to faculty forums
  • Program/Service development, e.g. veterans program, disease management, etc.
  • Customer service analysis

On-site customer service training for ALL:

  • Clinical
  • Intake
  • Admissions
  • Administrative
  • Sales
  • Volunteers
  • Senior management
  • On-site evaluation and coaching of your sales and admission team
  • On-site facilitation of competitive and market analysis
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Learn: Unlimited access to sales training videos
Connect: Share and engage with peer to peer and faculty forums
Uncover: Unique tools and resources
Experience: On/Off site customized hospice consultations
Hospice University is committed to providing you expert resources, which will improve access of appropriate patients to your hospice program.